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The Final Score

A gifted hockey player’s life takes a musical spin when he is injured during his final high school game.

What is a gift? By definition, “a gift is a special talent or ability that was not earned through the usual amount of long and difficult practice, but instead comes easily to the recipient in a natural way.” Gifts should always be embraced, for one never knows when fate might intervene and steal it forever.

David Collins has it all! He is the epitome of what is “cool” in high school: superstar athletic ability, great looks, a privileged lifestyle, a perfect-ten girlfriend, and of course an ego to match. Being slated as the next “Great One”, earns him a full-scholarship to the most prestigious hockey program in the nation. Imagine being a celebrity at age eighteen. This was the life David Collins was enjoying.

And then a hard check from behind in his final high school game shatters David’s dreams. Have you ever had to alter your life’s dream because of one second of tragedy? Well, David has in this touching coming of age, hero’s journey, The Final Score.


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