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The Tree House

True friendship is the rarest variety of relationship. It remains for life, under all circumstances. Or does it?

The Tree House is a psychological thriller which tells the story of four street-savy, young adult best friends from the Bronx. Matty, Jason, Derek, and Tucker have been friends since they were five and are bound by a distinctive structure, a tree house; and a fraternal bond: “No matter where, no matter what: everyday of our lives: brothers always, always brothers. The tree house is a symbol of friendship. Because it overlooks a very flawed area, it is also a symbol for paradise. Until the end of high school, they’d never been apart.

The film is a character development piece which examines friendship in an abstentious way. This is a film about a family whose members were not born into it. The story taws with the audiences’ mind, non-stop. All viewers will ask themselves an array of questions, such as: Who’s in the casket? Did the bullet kill Jason? Did Derek die in the car accident? Was Tucker gunned down on the battlefield? But the most important question that will be asked is: What will Matty’s novel be about?

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