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Synopsis: You May Kiss the Brides

Tagline: One ring, two fingers.

Brendan Short is a young, rich playboy in Manhattan. He lies in bed in his dazzling loft with his sex-crazed, obnoxious, but gorgeous girlfriend, Lexi Georges. They finish up a morning go at it and Lexi wants another round, but Brendan has a meeting with investors for Three Kings II, a restaurant he’s opening with his two buddies/business partners Phil and Zach. Phil is in the midst of marital problems with his wife, Nicole; while Zach is a man whose only care in the world is to see the restaurant get up and running, no matter what the cost.

When Lexi leaves, Brendan’s other girlfriend, Becca, enters. She’s followed by his neighbor, and close friend, Jaime. Becca’s stuck up and rich

At Brendan’s apartment, Becca informs him that her father is willing to finance the last $2 million. Brendan’s ecstatic, but wonders to himself what the catch is. Sure enough, Becca says, “Once we’re engaged, he’ll write the check.” Brendan narrates, “There’s the catch.”

The next day, Lexi enters and Brendan attempts to break up with her but unfortunately, she finds Becca’s ring and thinks it is her’s. Brendan is now engaged to two girls, simultaneously…