Moments of Youth: Battle of the Bands

We are partnering with the Fund Duel platform for an exciting and competitive fundraising
campaign. Musicians will be competing for the opportunity to have their original songs featured
in the film, as well as cash and prizes. All proceeds raised will be used for the production of the film,
Moments of Youth and a portion will be donated to charity.
How It Works:
Once accepted, Bands/Musicians will be given their own Sponsorship Page on Fund Duel.
Copy your link to your social media, and ask your friends, family, and fans to support you by
sponsoring you/your band with whatever amount they can. Fans can get creative and post
pictures and videos on your page, proving their support.
About the Competition:
The campaign runs for 60 days, broken into 2 Phases.
Phase 1:
Artists will be divided into 5 Genres of Music: Rock (all forms), Hip Hop/R&B, Pop, Country,
and Other (EDM, Dance, Reggae, etc.) .

After 30 days the winners are announced!
The top vote-getters from all 5 genres, the musicians who have raised the most in sponsorship,
will have their song featured in the film Moments of Youth. The winners will be announced via
live stream on Fund Duel.
Phase 2 (begins on Day 31):
All genres come together for one grand prize. The band/musician that raises the most in
sponsorship money (funds are carried over from Phase 1) will be crowned the winner! This lucky
artist/band will win: the right to record the original theme song for the film/the end credits song
(if appropriate), a *live performance in the film, and a cash prize!
Director Gregory Pellerito will hand-select one additional song from the competition, regardless
of the amount of donations raised by the artist/band.
*Transportation costs not included. If unable to afford travel costs, another perk will be
negotiated in good faith.

1. USA and International artists may participate.
2. Solo artists, duets, and bands may participate.
3. Song must be in English.
4. No cover songs
5. No vulgar songs
6. *If you are under the age of 18, provide proof of parental/guardian consent

Submission Process
Provide the Following to for our selection review:
1. A file/link with your song
2. Your band’s logo
3. A 2-minute video telling us about you/your band:
a. What is your story. Where are you from?, What is your genre? Who are you
influences? What does music mean to you? Why do you think you’d win?
b. Convince people why they should vote for you and donate to the campaign.
Make this heartfelt! What has your journey in music been like? Talk about
your struggles. What would it mean for your lives and careers if you win?
Your song and video will be featured on your personal Fund Duel page throughout the

Thank you and we look forward to you joining our exciting campaign!