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The Doctor

I love working with someone with such great character. I look forward to working with you on the next project. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and you will be up there with the best......its just a matter of time. Always remember, talent rises... :)

Have a wonderful day,
Traci Hovel

Good morning Greg

Great to hear from you.

You truly are a wonderful Director.
You also have a great crew. It's so nice as an actor to be able to interact so openly with Director and crew and to also be able to communicate any ideas about script or blocking. Bliss is very good behind that lens!
It was a memorable experience with you and I am very excited to work with you again in the not too distant future!

Have a great week...enjoy the editing

bisoux ; )

Susie Q

Greg, I was sitting down to write you when I got this email. CRAZY!! Seriously though, I also wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to play in the Doctor. You're a gifted dude and I really appreciate how much of an actor's director you are. The whole day was relaxed and I really felt at ease to try new things and create with you on the fly. And what a great thing it is to have such a wonderful family. Please tell them I said thanks for being so helpful and generous. You will do great things for sure and I look forward to working with you again.

Take care,
David Bunch

Thanks a lot ! It was awesome working with you guys , and it sounds like your filming career is doing well. I will definitely be waiting to work with you again on your next film , hope all goes well

Wesley Volcy
see ya soon

Dear Greg,

Yes we all had fun-because the project was, and because you have that rare ability to make hard work seem like fun. Do hold on to that, it'll serve you well in your directing.

I want you to know that from the moment I appeared in that absurd white lab coat, my arrival punctuated with your father's cheery "the Doctor is in the HOUSE!" I have never felt more welcomed on a set. Please thank your family and convey my warm regards to them.

It was a pleasure working with you, and I wish you success in your next ventures. You asked about future endeavors-I've attached a flyer with the dates and times for HAMLET. There is a chance we'll be putting it on at a theater in Manhattan. As soon as I know I'll send you those dates too.



PS: I need hardly say that I'm eager to get a copy of THE DOCTOR, so friends, family, and industry can behold the sex-mad proctologist....