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We currently have several projects in development. We are always looking for new interested investors, producers, actors, and crew members. Please review the information on our films and feel free to contact us.

Hurley Antics: 101: Revenge is sweet for an unwilling gladiator.

The Final Score: A gifted hockey player’s life takes a musical spin when he is injured during his final high school game.

Deceptive: There is mystery in every situation.

Just Fight: A high school teacher risks it all to become the next great fighter in the UFC.

The Doctor: Sore throat? Fever? Ankle sprain? Nothing the “good doctor” can’t handle. There’s no ailment he won’t get his hands deep inside; and he’ll cure you the best way he knows how.

The Treehouse: True friendship is the rarest variety of relationship. It remains for life, under all circumstances. Or does it?

Under No Circumstances: It's easy to have strong beliefs on controversial issues until you're propelled into a dicey predicament.

You May Kiss the Brides: One ring, two fingers.