Jackpot Picutres

Jackpot Pictures was formed in 2009 (formerly Jackpot Pictures Productions, LLC) by Joseph J. Pellerito (Chief Financial Officer) and Gregory Pellerito (President). The company was formed with legal assistance from Donato Guadagnoli, Esq., Entertainment Attorney in New York City. Jackpot Pictures, was created to produce high-quality feature films with a united vision and a cohesive understanding for cinematic values. All members express human and business principles based on honesty and professionalism.

Hurley Antics: 101 is the first feature film that Jackpot Pictures is producing. The film is a college-based comedy. The Final Score is a touching, coming-of-age hero's journey in which a superstar hockey player sustains a career-ending injury, but finds his true niche as a pianist. Both films scheduled to shoot during 2009-2010.

Deceptive is a suspense/thriller loaded with countless twists. The fourth script in development is A Fighter's Chance, a drama/sports film, where an ex-wrestler/teacher has to overcome obstacles to become the next great Ultimate Fighter. You May Kiss the Brides, a romantic comedy whose protagonist accidentally gets engaged to two girls simultaneously. Under No Circumstances is an ensemble in which several characters' ethics are put to the test when they're faced with life-altering decisions.

Jackpot Pictures produced the short film, The Doctor, in September 2007. The film has recently been submitted to several film festivals across the country.

The Tree House is a psychological thriller. Four street-savvy best friends separate for the first time in their lives, but while apart, all find themselves in near-death experiences on the same night.