jj_pelleritoJoseph J. (JJ) Pellerito Chief Financial Officer

Joseph J. Pellerito is an Executive Producer of Whorrible. Joseph is the Head of Transaction and Client Services at SG Capital Partners. Prior to joining SGCP, Joseph was a Vice President at RBS within the Asset Backed and Structured Products groups. During his 8 year tenure at RBS, Joseph held various positions and was primarily responsible for overseeing mortgage and structured finance trade support, agreement surveillance and counterparty management. Prior to that, Joseph spent 2 years within the diligence group at Clayton Holdings, LLC and provided counterparties with comprehensive analytics to make informed decisions in the secondary market. Joseph holds a BS in Economics from the University of Connecticut.

Joseph also has a passion for film and music development. He has produced several musical works. His passion for the creative arts has driven him further into creating and developing Jackpot Pictures. Joseph wrote and performed the original music for The Doctor as well as being one of the Executive Producers. He serves as the Executive Producer on our music video productions and “Everyone Has Their Price.” He is also the musical composer for “Everyone Has Their Price.”