Charlie, Hannah, Dustin, and Cecilia are struggling in their careers and financially. While the group of friends is hanging out at Hannah’s house one night, Hannah’s younger, firecracker sister, Sadie, refuses to go to bed. She cleverly charms her way into a monetary bribe from her strapped-for-cash big sister, and triumphantly saunters upstairs for a peaceful rest.

This sparks an idea in Charlie who is a recent homeowner and newly engaged to Cecilia. He suggests that the four friends start a babysitting company but in order to grow the business, offer the kids a cut of the fee, should they convince their parents to go out for a night on the town. And just like that, the Minors In Business are born.

Through many fun experiences, the Minors In Business staff teaches the children about history, art, sports, music, math, and countless other topics. In turn, they learn just as many life lessons from the kids as they are able to teach

The business booms and the team must bring on extra assistance. One new team member is Trench Dominant, a Retired Military Veteran and top Boy Scout Leader who teaches the children using his various discipline tactics that he’s harnessed throughout the years. Another new member is Lois who is working undercover for the local babysitting powerhouse, the Granny Nannies.

The Minors In Business team embarks on an overnight camping trip which includes: hiking, yoga, fishing, campfires; all wrapped in valuable nature and life lessons. When everyone goes to bed, a remote-control snake, operated by prankster Monty, enters the tent of Dustin and Hannah. When Dustin and Hannah emerge from the tent in a panic, it becomes clear they are dating, even though they were previously sworn enemies.

On the heels of the camping trip’s success, the neighborhood parents commission the team to bring the kids trick-or-treating while they celebrate Halloween with a party. Monty’s younger brother, Pierce, who is often teased, goes missing. Hannah, who has a special bond with Pierce, abruptly leaves a promising attorney networking mixer when she gets word. The parents convene with the group, and at this point, Lois and the Granny Nannies, equipped now with firm proof, let the cat out of the bag to everyone that the Minors In Business team has been offering payment to the children. However, the community must band together to find Pierce and bring him home, safe and sound.