Debbie and Stephen Courasy are a couple with a dysfunctional marriage traveling to the deep country to care for Debbie’s ailing grandmother, Haddie. Upon arriving at her house, they find themselves concerned by not just Haddie’s physical health, but her mental stability as well. She informs the couple that the strange creatures they begin to hear and see outside are not unknown animals, but aliens that have come to harvest the souls of people born under the Blood Moon.

People like Debbie. Haddie explains there is only one way for Debbie to save all of them: she must taint her own soul.

A supernatural horror suspense thriller, Haddie is the story of family deceit and a struggling couple finding themselves in a nightmare battle with terrifying forces they don’t understand.

Bradley Media LLC is proud to present, In association with Moving Pictures Media Group and Jackpot Pictures, “HADDIE”.

Produced By: Ray Ellingsen, Wain Bradley and Gregory Pellerito
Co-Producer: Rene Leda
Written and Directed By: Jett Westmoreland