Whorrible is a Romantic Comedy in which an introverted Public Relations professional loses her job, and in a series of unfortunate events, finds herself owing a debt to a madam, so she’s forced to try her hand as a call girl. There’s just one problem: she’s horrible at it.

Fiona Price may be the world’s worst escort, but it’s not by choice. In fact, to work off some seriously ridiculous debt that only grows during every session with clients, she’s determined to be at least temporarily successful as an escort. Unfortunately, she’s clumsy, needs to trim her toenails, and get her Disney princesses straight.

In a better world, Fiona would still be in public relations pitching ideas to Fortune 500 companies.

After her former company’s grumpy and crude CEO scapegoated her for his company’s problems and fired her, and Fiona learns she has been blackballed, she finds herself struggling to pay rent. She reluctantly accepts a waitressing gig her neighbor Brooke suggests, but after accidentally poisoning someone at one of her tables, she finds herself bound by debt to Brooke’s employer, Honey Halo Escort Service. Debt she must repay as an escort.

Will Fiona ever be able to work off her debt and return to the PR work she so loves? And will she get to be with the man of her dreams, her former co-worker, who is attracted to Fiona but keeps coming far too close to learning about her escort life?

Writer, Director: Gregory Pellerito
Producers: Ray Ellingsen, Gregory Pellerito, Wain Bradley, Joseph Pellerito, Rick Rainone
Executive Producer: JJ Pellerito
Co-Producer: Rene Leda
Associate Producers: Joshua McCoy, Tim Carney, Glen Anthony Bell