Stanley K. “Stank” Magruder, 49, isn’t your average nightclub owner. He breathes boogie. Some people know how to break it down under a disco ball, in leisure suits and platform shoes, and Stank is at that top of the list. A renaissance man, he is also notorious for massacring clubgoersa few decades ago. If that weren’t enough to distinguish Stank, he hasn’t been alive since 1977. He is very much undead.

Set decades after the fatal gunfire and actual fire that effectively closed local hotspot Studio Z, reports are flying around town (aided by reporter BenignaSacramento) that there’s been activity in the club, and rumors of a Halloween party at the former club.

Staked out inside Studio Z, Stank is determined to resurrect the once happening nightclub to full disco glory. He has the real estate. He has the leisure suit. He has the vision. He has an assembled workforce of fellow undead degenerates. Together, they intend to overcome the obstacles that face any hard-working business zombie, including the bureaucratic red tape of a suspicious city.

If he can’t squelch opposition from within the club, however, he may need to kiss his dream and the club goodbye. It’s time to boogie.

Writer, Director, Producer: Joe Skorpen
Producer: Gregory Pellerito
Producer: Ray Ellingsen