About The Film

On the night before graduation, the Senior Class partakes in a fun-filled scavenger hunt which includes a massive grand prize. With their dreams on the horizon, they share laughs, secrets, and one epic night of adolescence before their futures begin.

Based on the timeless American tradition, “Moments of Youth” is in the vein of the many iconic teen films of the past, while bringing this time-honored tradition into the Social Media age. We will submit the film to Film Festivals. Through our extensive industry network, our goal is to obtain Distribution through Theatrical, DVD, VOD, Television, and Streaming Platforms. We will have recognizable Actors in the film as well as a highly seasoned, award-winning Producing Team and Crew.

Our Producing Team’s films have been Distributed Domestically and Internationally through numerous major Distributors as well as across all major Streaming Platforms. We are assembling a cast that has been featured in hundreds of hit films and televison series.

Gregory Pellerito – Writer/Director

Wain Bradley – Producer