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Jackpot Pictures was formed in 2009 and was previously Jackpot Pictures Productions. Jackpot Pictures founding partners Gregory and Joseph J. Pellerito and our staff, have collaborated to bring fresh, new, and innovative ideas to the general public through the use of the independent film medium.

With the unification of dedicated film professionals, a mix of established and up-and-coming talented actors, original and enticing story lines resulting in unique screenplays; Jackpot Pictures is strongly driven to convey marketable feature films, short films, and documentaries to our mass audience. In turn, allowing our producers and investors to profit from our creative, cutting edge brand of filmmaking.

Gregory Pellerito of Jackpot Pictures

Kent Film Festival documentary filmmaker interviews Greg about the festival and his film - The Doctor

Gregory Pellerito & Milos Forman

Greg with 2-Time Academy Award winning Director, Milos Forman